It has been a little while since we updated everyone on the progress behind the scenes. Although no visible progress has been made, a significant amount of work and progress has been going on in the background. Questions raised by the Planning Officer, which we need to address before we start, are covered under what they call the Discharge of Conditions.

There are six conditions we were asked to address: Conditions 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 . The link below will take you our planning application page where you will find almost 30 additional documents our planning partners have submitted covering the Conditions, however they are summarised below for quick access.

Link to Planning Portal: HERE

Reference: BH2023/02265

  • Condition 3: Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

The phases of the Development and how our contractors will liaise with local residents to ensure they are kept aware of site progress and how will minimise disturbance to our neighbours.

  • Condition 4: Site Waste Management Plan

The Plan covers the location of facilities and storage as well as how we will minimise waste production and disposal.

  • Condition 5: Ground Level Details

This covers more detail regarding existing and proposed ground levels and sections within the site including drainage.

  • Condition 7: Energy Statement

We want to build a really efficient building that minimises carbon emissions, this document covers expected emissions and reduction methods we are proposing to use.

  • Condition 8: Material Samples

All the materials we are proposing to use for the development covering everything from bricks to the balcony we hope to watching the Tigers from in future seasons are cpvered here.

  • Condition 9: Landscaping Scheme

All the hard and soft landscaping designs are laid out in this document covering the additional planting and landscaping we are planning on adding to achieve a bio net gain for the project,

Hopefully you will see that a lot is happening in the background, the team a working really hard to deliver this project for Saltdean. We have been advised that we will hear back from the Planning Officer before the 5th October deadline.

We can’t wait to finally be able to start the build…watch this space!