Lots of things have been happening at the club since our last Legacy Project update. Below is an overview of the building project to date and a look at what’s going on being the hoarding.

The footprint for the new clubhouse was established in February, the East Stand was moved and safety fencing erected. This reduced the parking slightly but contractors have worked closely with the farm tenants to ensure their access is maintained at all times. The contractors have also made some minor repairs to the track while they have been on site, which was a huge help when we were battling against the weather towards the end of the season.


Preliminary works were completed to enable the foundation piling to be completed and filled. Soon we will start to see the building take shape as the construction work on the steel frame starts.

The old West Stand has been removed, the bank excavated and a concrete base for the new stand laid. As part of the phased works we will see a temporary stand on the West side for the start of the new season, with the permanent stand being installed at a later date.


The focus for the project team now is to get the ground ready for the new season, working closely alongside the contractors so the building works can continue to make progress.